At Effortless 10, we pride ourselves on providing our students with the best education and hands-on experience. You will be able to learn the trade secrets of Micropigmentation and excel in this exciting journey!

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Microblading Training is when we use manual tools to create Hairstokes

Ombre Powder Training is where we use the Machine to learn the techniques of, Creating outlines for brows. Shading and creating different looks with the machine such as Powder + Ombre and Pixel looks.

* $2,500 class total cost
* $500 deposit (non-refundable)
* $2,000 balance due day of class
(payment plans available)

Effortless 10 Academy
Washington, DC.
Two Days
TIME: 10am - 4pm

Each student will receive:
-Training Manual
-Microblading Training Kit Includes (Pigments, Disposable Pens, Holders, Mapping tools, Machine, needles)
-Certification of completion at the end of training.
-Support after your training + welcome to come back for a refresher course.

No live models provided students will practice this technique on synthetic skin as I help each student until they have acquired the proper technique and understand how to use the PMU tools.

Course Material:
* Introduction to Microblading
* Sanitation & Safety Procedures
* Skin Type & Anatomy
* Color Theory
* Understanding Pigments
* Mapping & Shaping the Brows
* Blade Knowledge (we will be learning how to use 3 different blades)
* Blades Positioning & Depth
* Microblading, Shading + Combo brow manual Technique
* Tattoo Correction & CoverUp techniques & Tattoo Removal
* Demonstration on Projector
* The Brows Healing Process
* Equipment & Supplies List
* Consent forms
* Pre/Post Care
* Touch Up
* Insurance
* Licensing

-Bring Yourself only
-NO CELL PHONE use please

Please check your state health department for all tattooing license requirements. Effortless 10 only provides a certificate of completion for the course and an apprenticeship approval if needed.

for more questions regarding this training email us at [email protected] or txt (202) 930-3748

Once you register for training you will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your registration and your deposit transaction. One week prior to training, you will receive another email with training details containing all remainder information regarding your training.


Aprenda la tecnica de MICROBLADING en nuestro ENTRENAMIENTO!

Este curso ofrece: 
-manual de entrenamiento
-Kit de entrenamiento (Incluir: Las herramientas adecuadas para ejecutar las técnicas ) 
-CERTIFICADO después del entrenamiento
-apoyo después del entrenamiento con oportunudad de ejercir

* $2,500 class total cost
* $500 deposit (non-refundable)
* $2,000 balance due day of class
(payment plans available)

Effortless 10 Academy
Washington, DC.
2 Dias
TIME: 10am - 4pm

Plan de Estudios Incluye 
* Proceso de saneamiento 
* Anatomy de la Piel 
* Teoria de Color 
* Entendiendo los Pigmentos.  
* Simetria de las Cejas
* Uso apropiado de las herramientas de Microblading (manual)
* Como acquirer différentes tecnicas de Microblading
* Demostración de cada tecnica 
* Proceso Curativo de las Cejas 
* Lista de equipo y materiales necesarios
* Formas de consentimiento 
* Cuidado Antes/Despues del procedimiento 
* El Retoque de las Cejas 
* Seguro 
* Licencias